Polished Concrete with Glass

Have You Thought About Polished Concrete With Glass?

One of the many things that the DirectStone flooring specialists enjoy about working with polished concrete is the sheer variety of finishes you can achieve. For decades, concrete has been thought of as an industrial product – but the 21st century has ushered in a whole new lease of life for it. Polished concrete is now considered an elegant, contemporary flooring choice for homes, public buildings and refurbished properties.

Why is Polished Concrete so Popular?

It’s all about rediscovering and re-purposing a material that most of us already have in our homes. Concrete serves a practical purpose; it’s just about the most durable flooring you can find. But once you grind away the surface paste to reveal the aggregate, you find something else. The ingredients that go into the creation of concrete give it a unique, and highly attractive patterning which makes it a stylish choice to finish a room, or public space.

Concrete can be polished in different ways to achieve different finishes:

  • Bronze. The colouration of your concrete floor is dependent on the location of the quarry it came from. If you want to celebrate the natural colouration, a Bronze finish will polish the surface without grinding down to the aggregate.
  •  Silver. If you’re keen to expose the unique aggregate patterning, but don’t want a high gloss finish, Silver is the finish for you. The surface paste is ground back but no polish is applied. This give a matte effect to the flooring.
  •  Gold. The surface paste is ground back using HTC Superfloor™ to reveal the aggregate. The newly revealed surface is then polished using the HTC Twister™ polishing machine. This achieves a high gloss finish with excellence resistance to scuffs.
  • Platinum. This is the most durable of the finishes we provide. The reason for this is that the re are more grinding stages to the process. The gloss achieved with the Platinum finish is stunning, and it provides a WOW factor whatever the environment.

Creating a Polished Concrete Floor Finish of Your Choice

The finish of your polished concrete floor can be enhanced with the use of decorative additives. Glass aggregates can be added to the concrete to create a flooring that has an ‘internal glow’. This is down to the fact that glass is translucent; it will capture and refract natural light, creating an discernible ‘brightening’. Glass additive comes in a range of colours, from green to dark brown, to clear.

Dependent on the finish you require, your chosen glass can be added as larger chunks, or more finely ground. Recycled glass is particularly popular at the moment because it’s a green solution which recognises the need for materials that don’t require energy to produce them. This decorative concrete flooring is particularly effective in rooms with large windows, allowing natural light to dominate.

DirectStone Flooring Specialists Create Beautiful Polished Concrete

Our professional flooring team are experts when it comes to creating beautiful and unique polished concrete. We always take time with clients to understand what they want to achieve, and we’ll use all our skills and creativity to create the flooring they visualise.

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