Polished Paste Finish for a Suffolk Barn Conversion

Beautiful Polished Paste Finish for a Suffolk Barn Conversion

The DirectStone flooring specialists were recently treated to an excursion into the heart of the Suffolk countryside. Our client wanted a polished paste finish for a concrete floor in a converted barn close to the seaside town of Southwold. The building is a stunning half timbered structure and we knew from experience that the high gloss concrete finish would complement the wooden beams perfectly.

HTC Superfloor™ Bronze

A DirectStone we use the HTC Superfloor™ grinding and polishing machines. The Superfloor™ finish is available in 4 different concepts:

  • Bronze. Utilising the surface paste to produce a shiny finish.
  • Silver. A matte finish, with the aggregate beneath the surface paste exposed.
  • Gold. A polished finish and a beautifully resilient surface.
  • Platinum. A durable high gloss finish that gently reflects light.

The Bronze finish is the only one that doesn’t grind the surface paste back to expose the aggregate patterning. Instead, the concrete skin of the floor is polished to the point at which it reflects natural light. Bronze flooring is easy to maintain; surface scuffing and dirt can simply be wiped away.Polished Paste Finish for a Suffolk Barn Conversion Inset

A Good Foundation is Essential for a Polished Paste Surface

Where a concrete floor is ground back in the process of polishing, a specialist team can remove irregularities in the casting. For the Bronze finish this isn’t possible because grinding doesn’t occur. The DirectStone team will always inspect the flooring before committing to polished paste. If the surface isn’t smooth, or the flooring is uneven, we’ll normally suggest an alternative finish in order to optimise the final effect.

Working on the Southwold Polished Floor

Having taken a look at the 140m² of Southwold concrete flooring, the DirectStone team were happy that the original was of a good enough quality to proceed with the Bronze finish. It was then polished using an HTC polishing machine and appropriate diamond polishing pads. A densifier was also applied to the concrete in order to harden the surface.

The Finished Flooring

The polished concrete floor certainly adds a WOW factor to the Suffolk barn conversion. Light reflects gently off the surface sheen, and the resulting lustre picks up the muted colouring of the beams and plasterwork. The client was absolutely delighted with the end result, and we were pretty pleased ourselves with the elegant confluence of ancient and contemporary.

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