Residential Polished Concrete Floors

DirectStone Provides Residential Polished Concrete

As the trend for residential polished concrete continues, it’s hard to believe how quickly this flooring finish has been embraced by innovative homeowners. A decade ago polished concrete was firmly established in high end offices, and public buildings. Then came the moment when architects discovered it’s WoW factor for the home.

A polished concrete floor in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms not only looks good, it also makes practical sense:

  • Concrete’s an environmentally friendly flooring. In many cases no new materials are added.
  • It’s a floor for life. Concrete was designed to be durable.
  • Looking for light touch maintenance? It requires only regular sweeping, and wiping with soapy water.
  • There’s a range of design options. You can choose any finish from matte to high gloss. There’s also the option to add colour, glass, and to expose the aggregate or not.

Installing a Residential Concrete Floor

The DirectStone flooring specialists have a good few years’ experience in both commercial and residential concrete flooring. They’re well aware that whilst the process of preparing and polishing a concrete floor remains the same, the environment is very different. This has led us to develop 3 guarantees for our clients, when working in their homes.

1. Fast Installation

We know that installing a concrete polished floor is disruptive to your household, so we always plan for an efficient installation. A concrete floor specialist will visit your home and assess the concrete slab. Once you’ve decided on the finish, we’ll provide a free no obligation quote, and an accurate estimate of the time the work will take.

2. Specialist Advice

The vast majority of concrete floors can be polished, but occasionally the condition of the slab dictates the finish we can achieve. Once we’ve made an assessment, we’ll be clear about the options for your flooring. If we can’t achieve the exact finish you want, we’ll explain why and offer an alternative. Our goal is always to create the perfect flooring for your home.

3. Expert Management

Our polished concrete floor projects are all allocated a professional project manager who’ll be your point of contact throughout. They ensure that the project meets the deadline, and stays on budget. If there’s other work going on at the same time, they’ll liaise with 3rd parties. Most important, they’ll report back to you throughout, so you know how the work’s progressing.

4. Aftercare

Once your floor is finished, we’ll talk you through the simple maintenance required to keep it look good as new. Concrete is porous, so we always apply a sealant to protect the surface against spillages and staining. This needs to be replaced every 2-4 years, and we can schedule in regular maintenance to manage this process.

DirectStone for Beautiful Polished Concrete

Our flooring team use HTC Superfloor™ to achieve a range of concrete flooring finishes. The HTC grinding machines use diamond pads to either grind down to the aggregate beneath the surface paste, or to polish the top layer to a shiny finish. Should you require a concrete slab laid in your home, we have contractors who can install and power float from 20m².

Residential polished concrete combines elegance, style and durability for your kitchen, dining room or bathroom. DirectStone is a concrete floor specialist – call us on 01525 20863920

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