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A Guide to Stone Floor Cleaning London

Go into any high profile office, retail outlet or apartment block in London and its more than likely that you’ll encounter a beautifully polished stone floor, creating a stylishly elegant ambiance . Limestone, marble, terrazzo and travertine floors are currently in high demand because of their lustrous colours, unique texturing, and stunning finish.

Many of our London clients have told us that one of the major reasons they chose a stone flooring solution was because of the ease with which the finish can be maintained. As specialists in the long- term maintenance of stone floors we would certainly agree, but we would also add that just as you service your car annually, so you need professional servicing to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Here’s our guide to a daily, monthly and regular professional cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep your stone floor looking amazing, year after year.

Daily Stone Floor Cleaning

Any interior environment will accumulate dust at an alarming rate. Many stone floors are characterised by holes in the texture which can quickly fill with dust, resulting a fading of the lustre. DirectStone recommends daily dry brushing to remove dust. The use of a dry microfibre mop every two or three days picks up any dust residue and maintains the original sheen of your floor.

Monthly Stone Floor Cleaning

Each of the stones used for polished flooring has unique properties which determine the kind of cleaning agents required to remove ingrained dirt and stains:

Marble – is susceptible to damage when exposed to acids and strong alkalis. Using lemon or vinegar-based cleaning agents on marble will etch the surface and remove the polish. Light, neutral cleaners are recommended.

Travertine – is characterised by a honeycomb-type structure with numerous small holes that will increase over time. Travertine is particularly susceptible to stains and dust accumulation, so spillages should be dealt with quickly.

Terrazzo – the marble chips incorporated into this kind of flooring makes it sensitive to harsh cleaning products. Neutral cleaners should be used (non acidic) for cleaning.

Limestone – this sedimentary stone can be damaged by acidic cleaners. Neutral products should be used and when mopped the floor should be dried with soft towels rather than left to air dry.

Regular Professional Stone Floor Cleaning London

However vigilant you are with your cleaning schedule, your stone floor will lose some of its sheen as dust becomes ingrained and spills stain the surface. Your sealer which protects the stone will also wear with time and do less to provide the protection your stone floor needs. Dependent on the condition of your floor, we recommend professional stone floor restoration for older floors and regular maintenance to maintain their WOW factor.

For floors in need of an intensive clean, our skilled stonemasons carry out a 5 stage stone floor restoration programme to restore the original sheen:

  1. Inspection: We begin by examining the floor to check what stone it is made of, assess the condition, and determine the process of restoration required.
  2. Restoration: Using specialist cleaning processes and diamond abrasive pads the old surface of your stone floor will be ground back, re-honed and then polished back to its original lustre.
  3. Sealing: Dependent on the stone used in your flooring, a specialist sealer is applied to protect the body of the stone from stain and dirt penetration.
  4. Cleaning: Our stonemasons take London clients through an aftercare cleaning process, specifying the specific properties of the stone and recommending the correct products and schedule to maintain the floor.
  5. Follow-Up Maintenance: Even with the correct cleaning regime, foot traffic, grit and scratches can impair the polished surface. Periodic follow-up maintenance will prevent the need for a full floor restoration in the future. The frequency is dependent  on the traffic and the degree of finish you want maintaining.

Stone Floor Cleaning London – DirectStone for Professional Advice and Support

We pride ourselves on our expertise when it comes to cleaning, restoring and maintaining stone floors. If you have any questions about your stone floor, why not call us today on 01525 863920 to talk to one of our experts about a remedy for stains, ingrained dirt or a dulled surface?


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