Style and Durability – The Microcement Kitchen

The Elegance and Functionality of Microcement Kitchens

Imagine a kitchen that effortlessly blends style and practicality. A space that inspires you to cook, is perfect for family gatherings, and reflects your unique personality. The microcement kitchen features an an innovative coating for walls, floors and kitchen worktops that is currently the darling of the design world.

As a trusted provider of microcement installations, the DirectStone team understands the desire for a kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional. We’ve seen firsthand how microcement can transform the kitchen space, and we’re here to share the exciting possibilities it offers.

Microcement isn’t just a trend – it’s a game-changer. This versatile material offers a vast colour palette, allowing you to personalise your kitchen to perfectly match your taste. Worried about durability and maintenance? Microcement is built to last, offering superior resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for the heart of your home.

Ready to explore the potential of microcement in your kitchen? Keep reading to discover the benefits of this innovative material and how DirectStone’s expert installation can bring your dream kitchen to life.

Microcement Kitchens – 5 Benefits You’ll Love

Imagine a kitchen that reflects your unique style, feels effortlessly spacious, and cleans up without special cleaners or heavy maintenance. That’s the magic of microcement.

Here’s why homeowners are choosing microcement for their kitchens:

  • Effortless Renovation – Forget messy demolition! Microcement can be applied over your existing surfaces, minimising disruption, and dust. It’s a renovation that respects your home and your time.
  • Your Vision, Brought to Life – Enjoy access to all the colours you can imagine. We invite you to match RAL, Pantone, NCS, and even high-end paint brands. Our team is here to help and ensure your kitchen reflects your personal style.
  • Spacious & Effortlessly Clean – Microcement creates a jointless surface that makes your kitchen feel spacious and airy. Plus, the absence of grout lines means easy cleaning with just soap and water – no harsh chemicals needed!
  • Stress-Free Spills – Kitchens and spills go hand-in-hand. Microcement provides peace of mind with its integral waterproofing and stain resistance. Relax and enjoy cooking without worrying about staining.
  • Warm Underfoot – Enjoy the comfort of warm floors year-round! Microcement perfectly complements underfloor heating systems, keeping your kitchen cosy and inviting.

A microcement kitchen isn’t just about looks; it’s about creating a space that reflects your personality, simplifies your life, and endures the test of time. Let DirectStone, your trusted microcement specialists, help you transform your kitchen into a space you’ll love.

What Kind of Microcement Kitchen Will You Create?

Microcement might have its roots in urban design, but don’t let that fool you! It’s a surprisingly adaptable material that brings a unique beauty to kitchens of all styles. Here’s how DirectStone makes it happen:

The Nordic Kitchen- Light, Bright, Welcoming.

Picture smooth, calming microcement surfaces in soft pastels and natural colours. It blends beautifully with the clean lines and focus on function that defines Nordic design.


The Industrial Kitchen – Raw Edginess Meets Modernity.

Imagine a striking contrast – sleek microcement floors against exposed brick. It’s bold, urban, and maximises the space for a clean, open feel.

The Minimalist Kitchen – Uncluttered Elegance.

Microcement creates truly seamless walls, floors, and countertops – the epitome of “less is more” design. It gives your kitchen a spacious, calming feel without sacrificing style.


The Rustic Kitchen – Warmth, Texture, Modern Touch.

Microcement’s natural colours and textures add a modern edge to classic rustic style. Think creamy white countertops against warm, earthy microcement walls – cosy, yet completely on-trend.

The Takeaway – Microcement isn’t about one look: it’s about your look. No matter your style, DirectStone helps you make your microcement kitchen a stunning, functional space that’s uniquely you.

Microcement Kitchen Flooring – The Beauty of Polished Concrete but no Hassle

Love the sleek look of polished concrete? Microcement gives you that same high-end flooring style with a fraction of the fuss. DirectStone’s expert team creates a finish startlingly close to the glossy shimmer of polished concrete flooring by carefully applying thin layers of microcement – a mere 3-4mm thick!

But don’t let its slim profile fool you – microcement flooring is surprisingly tough. It resists impacts, scratches, and the daily wear and tear a busy kitchen dishes out.

Effortless Maintenance

Kitchen floors take a beating, but microcement makes cleanup effortless. Its seamless surface means no grout lines to trap dirt. A quick sweep and mop with your usual kitchen cleaner keeps it looking flawless for years to come.


  • Polished concrete look without the installation headaches.
  • Incredibly durable despite its thin application.
  • Seamless design for ultra-easy cleaning.

Microcement Kitchen Walls – Where Beauty Meets Practicality

Your microcement kitchen walls shouldn’t just look good – they need to withstand spills, splashes, and the general chaos of a busy kitchen. Microcement delivers on both fronts:

  • No More Grout Grime. Say goodbye to scrubbing grout lines! Microcement creates a seamless, smooth surface that dirt can’t cling to.
  • Spills? No Worries. Wiping away food splatters and greasy marks is easy thanks to microcement’s stain resistant surface.
  • Humidity Proof. With built-in waterproofing, microcement walls are impervious to kitchen steam and moisture.
  • The Style Factor. No need to sacrifice looks for practicality – microcement comes in a huge range of colours and textures to match your dream kitchen.

Microcement Worktops – Durability, Design, and Effortless Hygiene

Microcement worktops aren’t just a trend – they solve real kitchen problems. They stand up to heat, scratches, and the daily grind of cooking and prep. But they’re not just tough – there’s more:

  • Ultimate Hygiene. Microcement’s seamless, non-porous surface means bacteria and food residue have nowhere to hide. A simple wipe-down keeps your worktops sparkling clean.
  • Limitless Design. Match your worktops to your walls and floors for a stunning, unified look, or choose a contrasting colour for a bold statement.
  • Bright & Modern. While whites and greys are popular for their light-reflecting qualities, microcement’s vast colour palette lets you express your unique style.

Worried about the thin profile? Don’t be! Microcement’s strength comes from its expertly applied layers. You get both sleekness and lasting performance.

What are the Drawbacks of Microcement?

Every material has its trade-offs, and microcement is no exceptionHowever, its drawbacks are few and readily addressed:

Installation Expertise

Microcement’s beautiful, seamless finish requires skilled hand application. For the best results, choose a professional installer like DirectStone. While installation takes time (typically 4-7 days for a kitchen), it’s an investment in a floor you’ll love for years.

Potential for Hairline Cracks

Microcement’s durability is excellent, but hairline cracks can develop over time. The good news is that these are purely aesthetic and don’t compromise the floor’s functionality or waterproofing.

Cool Underfoot

Microcement can feel cool to the touch. If this is a concern, consider the added luxury of underfloor heating – a perfect pairing for a microcement kitchen!

The Bottom Line – The benefits of microcement far outweigh its minor drawbacks. With proper installation and realistic expectations, you can enjoy a stunning, long-lasting kitchen floor.

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