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Innovative Kitchen Design with Microcement

Our kitchens are more than just spaces for cooking; they are where we gather with family, entertain guests, and create memorable meals. As the heart of the house, our kitchens not only need to look stunning but also be practical, easy to maintain, and durable. This is precisely why microcement has emerged as the preferred choice among architects and homeowners alike, offering numerous advantages for modern kitchen design.

Microcement is a versatile material that can transform your kitchen in exciting ways. At DirectStone, we have witnessed an increasing number of homeowners choosing microcement to cover their floors, walls, and even worktops. What sets microcement apart is its limitless colour palette, allowing you to create a kitchen that perfectly complements your taste and style. It’s no wonder that microcement is swiftly revolutionising kitchen aesthetics and functionality.

About DirectStone

DirectStone is leading the way with its use of microcement in kitchen of all shapes and sizes. Microcement coating consistently delivers stunning results, regardless of your kitchen’s dimensions or design aspirations. As approved installers of the renowned Forcrete Microcement system, we take pride in offering durable, low-maintenance flooring and wall solutions.

With our extensive experience in working with microcement flooring and walls, we are able to offer a unique perspective on the its uses and applications. We understand the distinctive qualities, advantages, and creative possibilities that it brings to kitchen design. Our team is genuinely excited about the opportunities that this versatile coating offers, and in this article, we are thrilled to share our knowledge with you.

The Benefits Of Choosing Microcement For Your Kitchen

Opting for a microcement kitchen offers a host of advantages, no matter the scope of your project. Here are the key benefits:

  1. No Building Work Required. Microcement can be applied on top of existing tiles, flooring, or concrete surfaces, eliminating the need for extensive construction work. This results in a dust-free, hand-crafted process that minimises disruption to your kitchen.
  2. Customisable Colour Palette. DirectStone offers an almost limitless range of colour options, allowing you to match RAL, Pantone, NCS, and high-end paint manufacturer colours. If you have a specific shade or hue in mind, our team is ready to collaborate with you to achieve your desired look.
  3. Spacious, Easy-to-Clean Surface. The continuous microcement surface, devoid of joints, creates an illusion of expansiveness and maximises natural light in your kitchen. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to clean, requiring only soap and water, eliminating the need for specialised cleaning products.
  4. Waterproof Reliability. In a kitchen where spills are inevitable, a waterproof surface is essential. Forcrete microcement offers integral waterproofing in every layer, with sealers applied to reinforce the surface and boost its resistance to stains.
  5. Compatible with Underfloor Heating. Microcement flooring is an excellent match for electric or piped underfloor heating systems, thanks to its thermal conductivity. Enjoy a warm and inviting kitchen space throughout the year.

A microcement kitchen not only provides you with an aesthetically pleasing space but also a practical and low-maintenance solution that stands the test of time.

What Kind of Microcement Kitchen Will You Create?

While microcement is a product of the urban aesthetic that has defined the last two decades, its versatility knows no bounds when it comes to kitchen styles. The DirectStone team has witnessed microcement seamlessly adapt to various design themes, and here are four captivating ways it has excelled:

The Nordic Kitchen

The Nordic kitchen is all about the fusion of simplicity, functionality, and tranquillity. It offers a serene pastel backdrop for social gatherings, family baking sessions, and seasonal celebrations. Microcement, with its modern yet nature-inspired charm, effortlessly integrates into Nordic-inspired interiors, enhancing their inviting and peaceful ambiance.


The Industrial Kitchen

If your taste leans toward a more edgy, urban aesthetic, microcement is the perfect choice. The DirectStone team has witnessed remarkable success with microcement floors set against exposed brick walls in industrial-style kitchens. This combination maximises natural light, creating a bright and clean environment.

The Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism in the kitchen involves a deliberate avoidance of excessive decorative elements, focusing on spaciousness by minimising visual interruptions. Microcement’s inherent ability to create uninterrupted surfaces on walls, floors, and worktops aligns perfectly with this sense of expansive simplicity. It embodies the “less is more” principle, making it an ideal match for the minimalist aesthetic.


The Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchens evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Microcement plays a vital role in this aesthetic, offering a rich colour palette to work with. The organic hues of microcement surfaces are further enhanced by the addition of cushions, handcrafted objects, and throws. A striking combination is the use of white microcement for worktops, complemented by earthy colours on the floors and walls, creating a harmonious rustic atmosphere.

In your kitchen design, microcement proves to be a versatile and adaptable medium that can bring to life a wide array of styles, making your kitchen a true reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle.

Microcement Kitchen Floors

Want a polished concrete finish without the stresses of laying a concrete slab? The DirectStone flooring specialists are able to create a finish startlingly close to the glossy shimmer of polished concrete flooring. And we do that by building up multiple layers, by hand, to a finished thickness of only 3-4mm. Despite its thin profile, microcement performs extremely well when tested for impact and damage.

Kitchen floors need cleaning most days, but a microcement kitchen floor makes the job easier. There are no joints to deal with, you simply sweep the surface and then mop using everyday kitchen cleaners. With this simple regime, your kitchen will look good for years.

Microcement Kitchen Walls

Ideally, your kitchen walls should look great, offer long-term durability, and be easy to keep clean; after all these are the surfaces that are most likely to suffer from food spills, humidity, sticky fingers, and greasy deposits.

Microcement has it covered when it comes to kitchen walls. There are no grouting joints where dirt and dust can collect, spills can easily be wiped away using everyday cleaning products, and humidity isn’t a problem where the coating has waterproofing baked in at every level.

Microcement Worktops

The resistance to heat and abrasion are not the only reasons why microcement kitchen worktops are fast becoming popular. They’re also hygienic and couldn’t be easier to keep clean. The coating is thin, light and can be matched to floors or walls for a continuous styling throughout.

The choice of colour for microcement kitchen worktops is vast. White and grey tend to be favourite choices because of the luminosity they offer to the space, especially in kitchens with plenty of natural light.

What are the Drawbacks of Microcement?

Every flooring has a mixture of pros and cons, but thankfully the drawbacks associated with microcement are few and easily overcome. We would recommend using professional installers as the coating needs to be hand trowelled and this requires specialist skills and experience. The DirectStone team will normally take between 4-7 days for a microcement kitchen installation, dependent on the complexity of the project.

Despite its durability, it’s perfectly normal for microcement to develop hairline cracks over time. There’s no need to repair these are they have no impact on the waterproofing qualities of the coating. You may also find that microcement is cold underfoot; this can be remedied by treating yourself to underfloor heating for your kitchen.


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