Travertine floor Market Harborough

Direct Stone Restores a Travertine Floor in Market Harborough

Travertine floor Market Harborough

The soft, natural colours and unique texture of travertine stone makes it a popular choice for bathrooms, or kitchens. And it’s not just the look that’s attractive; travertine floor are really low maintenance. Cleaning involves nothing more than mopping the floor with soapy water, and then removing any excess water. This method will keep your floor looking good as new for 1-2 years.

Our client in Market Harborough has a travertine floor in the kitchen and dining room. Because of its location, it had collected a number of deep stains over the years, and the grout had started to wear. We suggested a professional clean to remove deep stains, and restore the original sheen.

Restoring a Honed and Unfilled Travertine Floor

Travertine tiles come in a range of finishes including: polished, chiselled edge and tumbled. In this case the they were honed travertine, which means that one side of the stone tiles had been ground to achieve a smooth texture and a satin sheen. This particular stone is characterised by naturally occurring surface holes and troughs. These can be filled as part of the finish, but in this case they had been left in their natural state.

Professional Cleaning for Travertine Floor

Unfilled travertine tiles can become dulled over time as dirt collects in the holes which form the texture of the stone. We began by mechanically scrubbing the 80㎡ floor, to remove this build up. This was followed-through with diamond grinding which removed deep stains and old sealer from the tiles. After the stone was stripped back, we repaired the grout where it was chipped, cracked or had become dislodged.

Travertine floor Market Harborough

Restoring the Finish on a Travertine Floor

Once we were satisfied that the floor was clean and stain-free, the DirectStone restoration team honed the stone and sealed the surface with two coats of impregnator. This sealant is specially designed to protect dense porous surfaces from staining, whilst maintaining the entirely natural look of the stone.

Finally the floor was buffed using top quality diamond abrasive pads, to bring it back to its original satin polish. The restoration process returned the floor to its original floor soft, buttery colouration, warm sheen, and gently pitted texture.

DirectStone Restores Floors to Their Original State

Our client was absolutely delighted with the results of our restoration process. The natural texture of a stone such as travertine requires ongoing professional maintenance, but when something looks as good as this, we think it’s worth it.

If you have a stone floor that could do with a deep clean to restore it to its original glory, call us today on 01525 863920 to talk through the process with our restoration experts.

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